Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Tohlic Armoured Crawler offers next week!

The deep rich red of the internal bay of the Tohlic began to pulse yellow and orange as disembarkation klaxtons and their tied in warning lights cut in marking seconds until the front ramp descended and the battle proper would begin.  Muffled by the thick layer of titanium alloy the cracking caress of Juno laser beams and the dull impact of Flora grenades sounded far off though the Khanate were very near indeed.  After two weeks in the snow and ice the column had found Invader Delta on a plain between towering mountains its wings broken and body torn by its fall from the stars.  Over the heads of the troops the roar of the Moth rotary cannon which was top mounted on the Tohlic spoke of a tough approach to the Dragon Ship.  Their helmets updated with external views of the armoured carrier as it churned through the icy wastes of the plain.  Ahead were over two hundred Legionaries and all of them were firing at the twelve carriers as they approached.  Half a dozen of the enemy directly ahead were turned to pink mist by the burst of heavy rounds from the rotary cannon and then they were in position.  The Tohlic swung around to present a partially side on profile to the enemy and the fourteen foot tall ramp clanked loudly as it unlocked and descended.  Troopers streamed out of the bay their rifles held ready and quickly took up firing positions behind the hulking vehicle which had been their home since leaving Ismere.  Its flanks rose high over their heads and the rotary cannon continued to fire.  It was only a short run to the broken body of the alien starship...once the Legionaries were taken care of that was...

The big event this month for The Ion Age is happening next week on the 17th October.  Three Early Supporter Offers (yes they are back!) on a brand new large vehicle in 15mm scale. Designed by a new member of the small Ion Age family Michal Janecek the Tohlic Armoured Crawler is going to be on 'ESO' from the 17th to 30th October 2017 with a choice of three tiers of deals each offering greater value than the one under it and of course you get your Reward Points AND you can use your accumulated Reward Points upon these deals if you wish.  Check back on the 17th to see and pre-order your choice of the early supporter offers.

We will be showing you many images of the Tohlic, plus a parts layout along with a free digital download for Patrol Angis which will give you all you need to field this vehicle across the month. There will also be the second part of the short story from last month about the response to the Khanate invasion of Faercycle II in 4338 IC an extract from which is leading this article.  Lots to look forward to and ain't she just lovely!

IAF146 Tohlic Armoured Crawler
This code contains all the parts required to assemble one large 15mm scale long distance armoured personnel carrier.  Used for deep recon it can carry an entire platoon of troops or three battlesuits or combinations thereof operating for weeks away from base.  Favoured by Planetary Defence forces but also used by Muster and Retained on suitably frozen worlds the Tohlic is composed of nine parts cast in high quality grey tone resin and white metal.  These are the forward hull, the rear hull, the left track unit, the right track unit, exhaust mount 1, exhaust mount 2, Turret 1 (Anda Missile Pod) and Turret 2 (Moth Rotary Cannon). Supplied with two different turrets to use and since they use the standard turret ring they will also fit onto other Ion Age vehicles and structures.  This kit is easy to assemble and durable for use on table.  When assembled the Tohlic is approx 105mm long and 40mm tall.  Price 22.50GBP per pack.

The Tohlic Armoured Crawler will be joined by a second smaller release which compliments the IAFP11 PM Cold Climes Platoon. Sculpted by Sam Croes it is a fire team of five Cold Climes Veterans giving you more poses and squad level command options for your planetary militia.  These will be given away free with the early supporter offers and will be regular released after the event.  Awesome!

IAF145 Cold Climes Veterans
This is the veteran troopers or sergeant poses for your Planetary Militia Cold Climes 15mm defence forces.  Co-ordinate the efforts to keep civil law in place on your planet.  This pack contains five different 15mm scale white metal miniatures wearing long coats including a Veteran with Hermit 44mm Plasma Rifle, a Veteran with Moth Rifle leaning forwards, Veteran bare headed with Moth Rifle, Veteran advancing with Moth Rifle and a casualty trooper laying face down.  As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page.  Price 2.50GBP per pack.

Not long to wait and welcome to Michal! 

Early Supporter Offers  (the offers are live now if you want to get in early...shussh!)

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Platoon Pack uniques for single purchase and Reward Points upgraded

Two announcements today at The Ion Age both of which are of benefit to IonFans and wargamers alike.  Since we began our space opera wargaming we have had a Rewards Programme which gives you points each time you make a purchase from us which you can trade in for discounts and free models.  The programme has been upgraded with a new interface and interactivity for you once you log in plus we are giving 100 Points to every new customer as a welcome gift.  As you know we have platoon packs where several codes are combined up into a full force for use in Patrol Angis and these are supplied with an additional unique miniature in that platoon for free. This is a popular thing for us and with feedback from our customers we have now added the ability to purchase ONLY this unique miniature from every IAFP platoon pack.  

Read on for more on this or go HERE and click on the orange button at the middle bottom and also check out all the of platoon packs.

Rewards Programme at The Ion Age
When you place an order with us you have to sign up for an account with the website.  This is not for marketing purposes, we will not contact you or send you email through the account.  It is simply so that you can get your Reward Points through our partner S-Loyalty.  From your very first order you are accumulating points which can be traded in in return for discounts on future orders or free products; five different reward choices.  The interface of the programme has been upgraded with more options for you and a bigger display; just log in to see it.  We are also giving 100 Points as a welcome start for all new customers from this time.  Go along to the website and click on the orange button at bottom centre of the home page to get started or to log in.  Here is a list of the Rewards along with their points costs and you earn 10 Points for every 1.00GBP spent with us.

10% Off Your Order – 300 Points
15% Off Your Order – 900 Points
20% Off Your Order – 1800 Points
Commander Murdo's Taranis Tank – 2000 Points
(A special variant main battle tank worth over 20.00GBP learn more about it HERE)
Habitation Colony Bundle – 9000 Points
(IAF044BU03 Habitation Colony containing more than twenty two resin structures worth 125.00GBP.  See it HERE)

Commander Murdo's Taranis Tank
Habitation Colony Bundle

We believe that our rewards programme is a valued bonus for wargamers and with hundreds of rewards claimed it is giving those who support us as we release more and more Ion Age miniatures and books extra fun for free!

Platoon Packs now with added option
We have over one hundred and fifty 15mm scale codes at The Ion Age and it expands every month.  When a faction gets large enough we create a 'platoon pack' which gives two squads plus a command team for a complete force for Patrol Angis right out of the box.  Each of these platoon packs comes with a unique to it only miniature which is added for free to the pack.  This is extra value we give you for choosing Ion Age for your wargaming.  Customer feedback over the past few months has increasingly suggested that we allow this unique to it miniature to be available on its own for purchase.  So we now offer that!  If you click on any IAFP platoon pack you will see the normal option of one pack, three packs with a 10% saving and now 'unique miniature only'.  Awesome!  Here is a list of our platoon packs as of October 2017.

IAFP02 Retained Lance (25 +1 Knights)
IAFP03 Desteria Lance (15+1 Super Heavy Knights)
IAFP04 Muster Platoon (25+1 Soldiers)
IAFP07 Planetary Militia Platoon (25+1 Soldiers)
IAFP11 Cold Climes Platoon (25+1 Soldiers)

IAFP01 Malig Ordos (32+1 Goblins) 
IAFP05 Legionary Ordos (32+1 Elves)
IAFP08 Nox Ordos (15+1 Super Heavy Elves)
IAFP09 Pioneer Ordos (32+1 Armoured Elves)

Thank you for reading this article and we do hope you will consider trying out Patrol Angis our rules system for our 15mm scale miniatures.  We will be back with this months releases soon!


Sunday, 1 October 2017

Data Pulse October 2017 at The Ion Age

The Autumn is here!  October will see an Early Supporter Offer with a brand new and frankly awesome addition to The Ion Age from a new designer as well as some news and a new month long offer on a core code from the range at twenty percent off.  Awesome!  Visit us HERE or read on for more and thank you for your support of our space opera setting.  Oh and if you like the image below it is part of one of our posters.

There was a smooth hum and vibration that began as Kimball pressed the start up sequence into the battlesuit's raised front plate. Transmission systems started up and the power core cycled at a low rate. One by one the displays on the inside of the front plate began to wink into life showing reds that flowed to amber and then into green ready status. Kimball settled himself into the padded pilots frame of the Steornede and placed his feet onto the grippers that quickly molded themselves to his bare flesh making themselves an extension of his legs. He reached out and flicked the primary switch that brought the front plate down. As it locked into place the titanium alloy clamps around the plate clunked home sealing it airtight and the displays were now at eye level. Each of Kimball's arms sat at his side with a control stick and buttons for the weapon systems in the arms of the battlesuit. He had been the pilot of PC119STR for two years but to him the machine was simply called 'Beth'. The real Beth had left him a year ago for a guy that worked for Maudlin in a high rise block in down town Pelcan City. More money but less fun. Still his Beth was purring now and would do as he told her. Around him the five other battlesuits in his platoon were showing ready status. He ran a check on the twin Moth 88 cannons which were his Steornede's primary weapons and they showed armed with twelve thousands case less rounds loaded. Kimball was ready. 

It would not be a long walk from the barracks to the combat zone. Not now. His Beth had been in action twice already against the aliens and the second time he had been lucky to get out alive. On the outskirts of the city they had been encircled as the barricades had fallen. He had been rescued with a magnetic lock from a dropped line that had lifted his Steornede up and out of harms way. Damn lucky that grav platform had seen him as it floated over, his ammunition was expended and Beth just could not run like those fancy Havelocks. This time the enemy was only a few streets away and Kimball doubted he would ever breath fresh air again so the smell of Beth would be last in his nostrils. He would die inside the battlesuit. He would die to give the people time to escape the city. Kimball wondered if the real Beth was still alive. Was she dead or had she got out already? Part of him really hoped she had. 

Using the platoon comm he signalled the order to move out. Up the ramp and into the street. His legs moved and the Steornede amplified it and stomped forward into a fight against an alien enemy that seemingly could not be stopped. 
Captain Frederick Kimball, Pelcan City, Camarthen Prime, 4334IC - From The Khanate Return

The Twenty Percenter!
This month you can get 20% off another code in the range to expand your collection and this time it is the mainstay of the Planetary Militia defence force battlesuits! Go HERE for it.

IAF072A Steornede Battlesuit with Twin Missile Pods 
The defence forces of the Prydian Precinct have their own battlesuit to put them on an equal footing with those who would invade or insurrection their homes. The Steornede is that battlesuit and this is the first variant made for short range anti-vehicle and artillery use. This code comprises a highly detailed 15mm scale miniature which is approx 30mm tall supplied as a one piece resin body and two separate white metal arms mounting Anda 60mm missile pods. 

IAF072B Steornede Battlesuit with Twin Moth 88 Cannons 
The defence forces of the Prydian Precinct have their own battlesuit to put them on an equal footing with those who would invade or insurrection their homes. The Steornede is that battlesuit and this is the second variant made for short to medium range anti-infantry use. This code comprises a highly detailed 15mm scale miniature which is approx 30mm tall supplied as a one piece resin body and two separate white metal arms mounting twin barrel Moth 88 Cannons. 

Reward Points with your Account!
Enjoy the special offer and remember that when you order from us you set up an account with the website.  Log in each time you order for your points total.  See the little box at the bottom of the website home page. Why?  Not for emails, we have Mailchimp for that, but rather that you may get the Reward Points which each order earns that you can trade in later for discounts and free things such as Commander Murdo's Taranis Tank.  Extra value from The Ion Age. Excellent!

Data Pulse!
With the Cold Climes Militia platoon and packs now released we are into the next phase of releases and during October we will be backing them up with an Early Supporter Offer mid month.  This offer will be on a new large vehicle and an extra pack of miniatures for the Cold Climes and will give you the chance for single saving and a motor pool level of saving.  More details and such on this nearer the time and the molds are being made up soon!  As well as this we will have an alteration to platoon packs which will suit the IonFans who are now onto their five hundredth plus miniature and want to personalise a little more.  This and a story with new pictures about this month's offer code and a free Patrol Angis PDF with new official rules which is linked to the upcoming Early Supporter Offer.  We will have Update and Snippet Two on Baron as well which will give you a bit more on the book as creation continues.  A busy month indeed.

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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Baron Book update and snippet one

The month is drawing to a close and The Ion Age ends it with a short update on the progress of the fourth book for Patrol Angis namely Baron. Baron was outlined HERE on the blog in an article and this month I have been attending to several parts of the build of the book. This included assembling the play test results of exotic weapons and new equipment as well as organising the feedback from the Alternative Armies Tabletop Wargaming Group on Facebook where we had been chatting it over with IonFans. The selection process for which star systems will be detailed in the book is over and the selection of which Condot Mercenaries will feature is done too. Notes have expanded to form in the story of the Civil War and lastly some very over powered mechanics for the Starvaulters were rejected! Starvaulters are the best of the best but one versus a Battlesuit was a little much. 

I want to share with you a little snippet...from the exotic weapons and equipment section which is part of the advanced rules in 'Baron'. Here are the first few hundred words.... 

“You want this little sparkling box? You want to try and take it from me? Don't even think about it. My father gave me this when I joined up. Told me to use it when the time came. It’ll turn you into a wet stain on this grey dirt before you even get your rifle up. It's my box of tricks.” 
Private Ricky Falacan, 403rd Regiment, Fulton Prime. 4322 IC 

There are places in the Prydian Precinct which were never the remit of Humanity. Places where other creatures ruled and something of their technology remains behind them. Sometimes such things are unearthed or relics from the dim past of the Ban of Prejudice are found. Many of these rare weapons and items of equipment find their way into the hands of far traders, rich nobles or sons and daughters of the original locator. A lot of them are located to the edge of the Precinct that leads to the Galactic Core. Cost in points is given and follow the special rules as laid out. 

Note: If you wish to add any of these items to an existing template type of infantry, infantry scale vehicle or vehicle you can do so using the rules for them if allowed. Simply remove a weapon and its points cost and replace it with your choice modifying the points cost total appropriately. 

Clade Dancers: Often coming up illegally among Far Traders for sale these large slab like objects are too heavy for ten men to lift and are thought to have originated in one now totally ruined and abandoned temple complex on Clade Prime where they were its floor tiles. They are inert and can be fitted into structures or larger vehicles. They have no effect upon machines but they tamper with the complex minds of Humans. When one is nearby to people they describe strange visions of dancing shapes which grow stronger with proximity with an influence much like excessive alcohol when very close. They can be destroyed and are so when the structure (a Hab Dome) or large vehicle (like a Mullo or Taranis) is destroyed. When one is in play there is a chance of losing Activation Tokens during the Initiative Phase...... 

I intend another update on the book at the end of October with another snippet but I hope you enjoyed the above and the pictures too...man I had some fun with the new Cold Climes planetary militia. They use the exact same rules as the typical Planetary Militia which are in The Khanate Return but geared up for Arctic conditions. I want to thank everyone for their support of The Ion Age and my living from it. 

We will be back on the 1st of October with more new awesome and a new month long offer too. Until then check out what we were talking about over the last few weeks namely IAF102F Taranis Lifter MBT Laser Turret and the Valerin Laser system plus all the free files for Patrol Angis as well as Ymel Sandworms in Patrol Angis free article plus those codes too and the big release of the Cold Climes platoon and packs as well

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Cold Climes Planetary Militia platoon and packs released with Twenty Six new poses

The 37th Planetary Defence Regiment lost thirty percent of its strength in the first moments of the Khanate invasion of Faercycle II.  In the years since the abortive Prang raids the governor of the world had increased the military presence in the capital Ismere where the starport is located and also in other major cities such as Darga and Amatrall.  Cities like these sat atop deep mines sunk into the frozen planet in search of ore for the much in demand titanium for which the whole star system was known Precinct wide.  News of the fall of Camarthen had reached Faercycle in 4331 IC less than two months after the relief fleet had taken the war back to the Shia Khan Empire there.  What was not known was just how many Dragon Ships had fled from Camarthen Prime and plunged into deep space heading for nearby stars such as Faercycle.  Without Ancep Drive the transits would take years, giving time to prepare, but equally it meant there was no way to track the aliens before they arrived in system.  As it turned out it was a total of seven Dragon Ships which arrived at more than half the speed of light in 4338 IC rapidly decelerating before plunging into the atmospheres of Faercycle II and Faercycle  III.  The lack of orbital support prevented any of the large starships being destroyed before reaching the ground but warnings were sent out system and all space fold capable ships immediately evaded and left local space so as to prevent capture by the enemy. Ismere was the only place on Faercycle II which was bombed during the landings and this was thought to be in an effort to prevent effective air support of more remote locations. Being stationed on the rubbacrete landing fields the 37th Regiment was mauled by the projectile and destabliser rounds dropped in passing by Invader Alpha; the designation of that Dragonship.

Ismere Starport was attacked by some forty five thousand Shia Khan troops from four different Legions once Invader Alpha had landed nineteen miles outside of the heated zone of the starport.  They were faced by more than eighty thousand planetary defence force personnel as well as two thousand Retained Knights of the Lindworm Company and two dozen Starvaulters.  Of the local forces stationed at the sprawling starport city only half of them were combat ready with the rest being pilots and other professions not useful in the battle due to loss of equipment and other reasons.  Making use of their heated Aketon Mk III non-powered armour with synth fur outer layer and artic training what was left of the 37th along with the 9th and the 25th regiments engaged the aliens out in the tundra beyond the heated zone. The wind and freezing conditions lessened the numerical advantage held by the Legions and their screen of goblinoid Maigs were unable to break through.  A retreat was called under intense pressure from Pioneers supported by Warlords and Psycoborgs for whom the temperature seemed less of an issue.  In a battle which lasted four days the Khanate were eventually halted and repelled back into the snow and ice after a high water mark reached of the commercial district of Ismere.  With the starport and its integral city burning and suffering power losses a choice was made not to pursue the aliens back to their starship...for the moment.  With only patrols watching the swirling snows the rest of the military in Ismere set about assisting in ensuring fusion plants and other energy sources kept the underground heating systems in operation.  They prevented a freezing which would have doomed hundreds of thousands of people.

Reports came in from across Faercycle II and from the rest of the stellar system too.  This was in no small part due to the valour expected of the Starvaulters who had repelled waves of Legionaries who were assaulting the primary dish array in the centre of the curtained area of the landing pads on the western edge of the starport.  Those who survived were hailed rightly as heroes having accounted for more than a hundred times their own number.  It seemed the third planet in the system had fallen to the Khanate after resisting and its signal went dark after a harrowing last stand which was broadcast live to Ismere.  Amatrall city had also fallen after being burned almost to ashes. The city of Darga on the other hand had repelled the small force which had mounted an attack upon it and its own wings of Jangle verticopters and Punk dropships had come through completely intact.  Governor Tumault of Ismere made the choice to allow Darga to take some of Ismere's troops and to then use its intact air transport to harass the aliens elsewhere distant on the planet.  Ismere had the largest concentration of Dragon Ships and enemies nearer to it than other major centres of inhabitation so it kept back and then also brought in every Gytrash Quad Strider as well as every Steornede Battlesuit which could be taken from elsewhere.  The governor made it known that the large force he had amassed would be setting out overland to destroy every enclave and starship the Khanate had one by one.  This would be a mighty challenge indeed and it took several weeks for the regiments to be outfitted and organised ready to march.

In three snaking columns composed of hundreds of Hazelwurm Patrol Cars, Colebretta Carriers and other wheeled vehicles as well as quad striders and the extreme weather purpose designed Tohlic Crawlers set out.  Their targets were Invader Alpha and then Invaders Beta, Charlie and Delta. The crawlers would take the most distant target. One by one they would free Faercycle II.      To be continued...

Ismere Starport, Faercyle II, Camarthen Cluster  4338 IC

Its well into September and all of the releases for this month for The Ion Age are now online in all their glory!  Some of the finest 15mm science fiction miniatures created by Sam Croes in my opinion. Super sharp and crisp and with excellent poses too we have new packs and a platoon for you.  A brand new Planetary Defence Force comes into being with the Cold Climes Militia.  Two squad packs of ten different poses, a five pose command pack and a platoon pack with all of these and an extra free unique female sniper in it.  Go HERE or read on for all the information and to see some in game photos from our testing with these figures when we were trying them out against the Khanate, the Prang and those damned Ymel Sandworms too.  Plus I hope you liked the little snippet of new fiction which introduced these figures.  You did!  Good.  It will continue next month.

IAF142 Cold Climes 1st Squad
This is core rifle squad for your Planetary Militia Cold Climes 15mm defence forces. Pacification and Xeno Combat in remote and central locations.  This pack contains ten different 15mm scale white metal miniatures including eight armed with Moth Type 6 Rifles, one with Pardoner Fire Projector and a lesser officer with Tumbler SMG. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page.  Price 5.00GBP per pack.

IAF143 Cold Climes 2nd Squad
This is the support squad for your Planetary Militia Cold Climes 15mm defence forces. Dealing with tougher targets than civil unrest.  This pack contains ten different 15mm scale white metal miniatures including three armed with a Moth Type 6 Rifle, several loaders and four armed with the heavy Bodkin AP Rifle plus a lesser officer with Tumbler SMG. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page.  Price 5.00GBP per pack.

IAF144 Cold Climes 1st Command
This is the platoon level leadership and specialist poses for your Planetary Militia Cold Climes 15mm defence forces.  Co-ordinate the efforts to keep civil law in place on your planet.  This pack contains five different 15mm scale white metal miniatures including a senior officer with Tumbler SMG and data slate, banner bearer with pole (bare, no flag included) and Moth Type 6 Rifle, medic with gear, comms specialist and a casualty trooper laying face up. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page.  Price 2.50GBP per pack.

IAFP11 Cold Climes Platoon
This pack gives you a full platoon of Cold Climes Planetary Militia as well as a unique miniature only found in this code.  If you want to field a full force suitable for skirmishing then this is the code for you.  Twenty five different miniatures which are IAF142 Cold Climes 1st Squad, IAF143 Cold Climes 2nd Squad and IAF144 Cold Climes 1st Command. On top of this you get the unique miniature which is a female Cold Climes PM Sniper with a modified Moth Type 6 Rifle in cloak which is found only in this pack and what's more its free within the pack.  Excellent!  As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page.  Price 12.50GBP per pack.

We hope you like the new Cold Climes and we certainly do.  Go HERE.  Want to know more about them?

They are closely related to the Planetary Defence Forces (PDF) or Militias detailed in IAB03 The Khanate Return and they use the same statistics, weapons and a lot of the same vehicles which you will find in that book. You can see the Patrol Angis game system on the website HERE including the third book in print and as a digital download.  

You can see the other Planetary Militia on the website HERE and their vehicles HERE.  We have a platoon pack, squads, command, battlesuits, portable weapon platforms and gunners as well as larger vehicles like Patrol Cars and Carriers.

Below are a series of pictures of the Cold Climes doing battle with various foes using Patrol Angis taken from our collection.  There is a caption with each one telling you what is going on.

The Above Three Images show an Cold Climes fire team being ambushed by Canlastrian Retained Knights among the Geo Shelters of an attacked settlement.

A Cold Climes fire team lays down some hurt against advancing Khanate Legionaries in the shadow of a smashed Red Adder Combat Lifter.

A Colabreta Patrol Carrier is temporary home to banner element of the Cold Climes 87th Regiment.

Cold Climes troopers prepare to loose Bodkin shots at advancing Maligs shown from two directions.

A Prang Army rescue team confronts Yordist allied Cold Climes 
as they attempt to enter a Command Dome.

Frosty chicks!  The sniper from IAFP11 next to Missiletoe Claus from the Year Three Collection with a Skylark on its Cradle behind them.

Confront your fear!  Cold Climes infantry defend 
a Power Spire against a pair of terrifying Psychoborgs!

Lastly we have some close up photos of poses from the new packs for you to see.  A standard Cold Climes Trooper, a Trooper with Pardoner Fire Projector, a Trooper with Bodkin AP Launcher, A Comms Specialist Trooper and a senior Officer of the Cold Climes. It ends with the free female sniper from the platoon pack. From packs IAF142,IAF143,IAF144 and IAFP11.

Thanks for Reading,